two's complement

The 2C Indie DAO: Empowering Indies worldwide

Expert Indie designers and developers worldwide can become members of The 2C Indie DAO. We are building the best freelance network in the world, so that Indies can live their dream, without all the hassle.

Working independently is tricky.

Being an independent, a “freelancer” or an “Indie”, as we like to say, can be risky, challenging, and rewarding. Being responsible for your own business practice grants freedom and flexibility, but also comes with serious drawbacks.

The 2C network picks up responsibility for the mundane, and allows Indies to focus on what they love. Keep the flexibility and independence, but ditch the boring business parts.

Indies should be able to focus on perfecting their craft.

Design and development Indies are more than just workers - they’re entrepreneurs, marketers, accountants, salespeople, recruiters, and anything else a startup needs.

The 2C network builds world-class client relationships and project opportunities, so that Indies match with their dream project, and clients match with their dream team.

Indies should be able to focus on perfecting their craft.

Rethinking the future of work.

The past


A result of the Industrial Revolution, corporations emerged as a method for pooling resources to build manufacturing pipelines and limit risk for associated members. Unfortunately, corporations produced an extreme wealth gap due to the centralization of risk, control, and profit. Corporations were an incredible advance in business technology, but we have outgrown their direct need.

The present

Gig Economy

Gig Economy marketplaces award schedule flexibility to workers by matching available workers to jobs. Most of the control and profit remains with the investors and executives. This leads to a “Race to the Bottom”, where customers are incentivized to match with the lowest acceptable talent at the lowest acceptable rate. This drives worker compensation down and pushes expert specialists out of the marketplace.

The future


A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) properly distributes risk, control, and profit to its members. DAOs blend the benefits of corporations and Gig Economy into a more efficient and profitable system for all members. Blockchain smart contracts allow members to organize and govern the organization’s operation and assets in a trustless system.

What is a DAO?

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a digital entity that allows a distributed group of members to manage assets and decision making. Members interact through a shared governance model, enforced by smart contracts on a blockchain.

The Indie DAO.

Our mission is to design the best Indie network in the world, so that Indies can live their dream without all the hassle. The 2C Indie DAO is optimized for flexibility, fairness, and fun.

Upgrading the Consulting Stack.

We have invested the past several years designing and bootstrapping a consulting practice that will lend itself to an extraordinary transformation. Rather than bootstrapping a DAO from our inception, we’ve offered a hypothesis that incrementally migrates layers of a traditional corporate model into a DAO will increase our chances of eventual success at scale. 2C has designed an incremental approach that will systematically transform a services corporation into a DAO, while optimizing its growth potential along the way. The approach focuses on continuously testing and maturing governance protocols in order to minimize the amount of risk that early members must bear.

Upgrading the Consulting Stack.


All of the perks of being a freelancer - ownership of your schedule, workflow, and lifestyle. Decide when to work, when to rest, and how you reach project success.


Indies receive ownership for high quality work in the form of an equity token. This provides value back to the workers, rather than exclusively rewarding executives and investors.


Healthy collaboration is promoted, by gamifying the work experience. Careful Reputation modeling ensures that behaviors that benefit the community are incentivized.

What’s next.

We are excited to continue this journey at 2C, transforming feedback from our partners into realizing our collective Indie dream. To learn more or get involved, reach out to us on the contact form below, and follow us at @twos_complement and @theindiedao to stay in the know.